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Get started with meditation, or take your existing practice deeper. Feel the peace, the focus, the clarity. Breath in the happy.

Even if you don’t purchase any of our products, we hope to help you on your way.  Visit our free 30-Day Meditation plan page and see how far you can go!

Of course you’d like to hear Deep Zen!  Please keep in mind, it’s only a short version of the full program but it help you decide Deep Zen is what you’ve been looking for.

Please see our order table below.  We offer three package options designed to best serve what you need.

Meditation comes in many forms.  The primary goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, to find a place of peace, calm, and introspection.

Traditional meditation may require years of practice to achieve the same brainwave state that our audio meditation can provide on the first experience.

You will find the more you engage in the practice of meditation the more profound the experience may become.  But the simple answer to this question is, no, you need no prior meditation experience or training.  Our audio program is designed to take you to a place of quiet stillness that will become richer and deeper with consistent use.

Deep Zen is a unique audio program that utilizes specific, scientifically defined brainwave frequencies to emulate what a zen monk experiences in deep, blissful meditation.  Deep Zen has been designed, specifically, to aid you with achieving a rich, insightful meditation experience.

Our audio program consists of a unique and proprietary “Triple Harmonic Chord” audio track that we believe provides a more impactful experience than any other program available.  You’ll barely hear that “magic” track behind the pleasing sound of rain, chimes and Tibetan gongs…

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