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Customized Carb Cycling – Customized Carb Cycling

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7 ridiculous myths about carbohydrates that may be ruining your health, killing your social life, robbing you of muscle growth, making you store extra body fat and preventing you from getting into the best shape of your life.

My name is Matt Stirling and I’m a 3-time bodybuilding world champion and listen, I know what you’re going through…

You think that because you’ve read about the latest “fitness pro” that said paleo is the only way to go, that you’re never going to be able to have a sandwich again. That’s BS. In fact, low carb diets are total BS!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize your carbohydrate intake to your goals to get killer results and most importantly, still enjoy life. Who wants to be a social outcast that has bail when asked to go out for dinner with friends?

Listen, I’m going to show you to live a normal life, but get absolutely insane fat-burning results.

While many realize that carbs are not the enemy, fewer understand that everyone has different needs based on how well your body utilizes carbohydrates.

Don’t worry, in a moment I’ll explain how this will result in your fastest fat-loss and muscle-building results ever, but first, let me ask you a question about carbs…

If you knew exactly how to customize your carbohydrate intake to your individual activity level, body fat level, and physique or performance goals, do you think you would experience faster muscle-building and fat-loss results… and most importantly, a more enjoyable life?

If you’ve been following the fitness industry for any time now, you can probably see how carb intake is downright confusing and frustrating… and rightfully so!

Don’t worry I…

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