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If you suffer from the twitching, jerking, burning of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) as well as the sleepless nights that are associated with it, you are not alone! One in ten adult Americans suffers the misery of RLS.

Restless Leg Syndrome has been associated with more serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes. In holistic healer Christine Fadhley’s experience, over a 15-year span, RLS often preceded and/or occurred with other dis-eases, such as:

You can take steps (specifically 7 steps) towards health, and that’s what you are being invited to do here today. This course is a 7 step journey to end the misery of Restless Leg Syndrome (and the illnesses that often accompany it).

This course provides a proactive action plan to address the underlying causes of RLS holistically. Over the 13 lessons, you will be guided and empowered to implement and embrace key steps which could be life altering. These lessons will guide you to:

This 7 Steps treatment plan has been carefully designed in order to detoxify and heal the body in the correct sequence. After working with clients for over a decade, holistic healer Christine Fadhley came to understand that the first priority is to get the elimination system working properly. This step helps to detoxify the body and restore normal function. Even after a few weeks on her regime, most people feel stronger and their RLS and other symptoms start to gradually decrease. You see, certain steps are designed to unclog important organs allowing the immune system to work as nature intended.

As the detox step gets underway, energy levels increase and symptoms start to improve more rapidly. Those who have actively implemented these steps before you generally started to see some results within 3 to 5 weeks’ time. Of course, the…

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