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The Cook Effect Nutrition Guide is designed to make transforming your body as easy as possible. Of the 40+ recipes that are included in the Cook Effect nutrition guide, each one is custom tailored to TRANSFORM your body, whether your goal is fat-loss OR muscle gain.

Instead of staring at the ingredients or calculating the calories on your own, each recipe is designed to meet a specific purpose. Included with each recipe is a unique "cheat sheet" that will not only make finding the perfect meal that fits your nutrition program a breeze, but it will also let you know WHEN is the best time to enjoy that meal.

If it fits your macro-nutrients (I.I.F.Y.M.) is what the "PROS" use to transform their physiques in fitness and Hollywood. It is scientific FACT that the ‘conservation of energy law’ dictates whether you gain or lose weight. It is also FACT that your body needs a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats to fuel and rebuild your body.

The Cook Effect nutrition guide addresses these two issues by not only giving you the exact serving size and calorie content, but it also lists the exact macro-nutrient values of each meal. You will have no question as to whether you are eating the right amount of nutrients to transform your body.

Every tip, tool and recipe in the Cook Effect is streamlined to minimize the time you have to spend transforming your body. EVERYTHING is explained in detail for you:

Make things easier. Get 4 example meal plans and worksheets using the meals from the Cook Effect nutrition guide as well as those in the bonus Meal Prep guide.

Make transforming your body EVEN EASIER! Don’t ruin all your hard work by running out of…

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