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Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks

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Product Name: Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks

Click here to get Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


In The Article That Follows You Have The Chance To Learn About The 5 NEW Principles Of Muscle Building
Specifically For People Who Have A Hard Time Gaining Muscle And Weight

From The Desk Of Joey Vaillancourt:”In the article below, I would like to share with you some very imporant advice about building muscle that was designed to work BETTER for naturally ‘Skin And Bone’ type of guys.

You know, the naturally small person who has had a difficult time building muscle in the past.

First of all, I am here to tell you that bodybuilder type of workouts will NOT work for you.

But the good news is I have 5 New Training Principles I want to share with you today, that I can guarantee will help get you on track after only taking two minutes to readh this article.

The 5 New Principles To Gain Muscle

Article Written By: Joey Vaillancourt, NSCA-CPT

Today I wanted to try and explain exactly what it takes to build muscle without going into too complicated of details and the reason’s why most conventional workouts will not work.

I find that there are so many people and authors out there today that over complicate this topic to simply lure you into buying their latest program or their newest supplement.

Now of course, I have my own muscle building program and I would recommend some supplements to you as well but I am not saying that it is wrong.

Today I simply want to give you good information that will hopefully clear up any confusion about what it takes to build muscle as a naturally skinny guy.

I am going to keep this nice and simple and base it on personal experience as well as theory because in the end I believe reviewing both are the best way to measure any kind of results.

You cannot simply rely on ?studies? or ?university tests? as most of these tests are either biased or they are based on genetically gifted individuals.

What do you REALLY need to do to build muscle as a Hardgainer?

Introducing the 5 NEW principles…

The Foundation Of The Bones To Buff Muscle Gain System Relies On 5 Powerful Key Pricinples Specific To Hardgainers

Not enough changes in program variation is bad and too many changes in program variation is worse! The Bones To Buff system is just right.

You do need to be changing variables in your program but you need to do it the right way.

The 5 week workout cycle provides weekly program variations but also provides consistency to track and measure your progress. You get the best of both sides of the coin!

And the best part is that by training using this cycle, you completely avoid the dreaded adaption response aka plateaus

The 5 week cycle plan includes 3 speficic mini phases of training that each trigger a different metabolic demand.

The three phases involve training that will tap into the Oxidative, Glycolytic and Phosphagen systems to produce the energy output required in your workouts.

Week 2 -The Oxidative System: Used primarily when the body is lifting lighter weights for
longer periods of time.Week 3 – The Glycolysis System: Used primarily when the body is lifting moderate weights
for a shorter period of time (1-2 minute sets).

Week 4 – The Phosphagen System: Used primarily for heavier lifting sessions when sets are
lasting from 1 to 30 seconds

By training using all three energy producing systems, you have 3x more growth potential. Your muscles wont know what hit them!

Well we will be taking advantage of how our bodies produce energy
and we will train in a specific way to target each system to provide new training stresses
and to ensure we fulfill the ?All Or None? principle

The Anabolic Growth Triggers is a new concept created using old school training tricks with modifications specific for ‘Skin and Bone’ type of guys.

An AGT is sort of like the insurance policy for muscle gain. It’s the process of including a weekly unique training method that your muscles have not been yet been accustomed to.

There are 5 AGT’s in total that are included within the 5 week cycle.

This is the hardgainer’s ULTIMATE alternative way of getting stronger.

As a hardgainer, your strength is unfortunately your biggest weakness. Conventional methods of strength development don?t work for you like it does for naturally muscular guys.

The 5 Week Anabolic Growth Trigger Workout cycles in Bones To Buff will give you a workaround solution to get stronger by incorporating ‘Forced Production Overload’ methods.

This is by far the most powerful technique to develop strength and mass if you are a hardgainer.

The foundation principle of the Bones To Buff system is simple: Track, Beat and Repeat.

Week 1 -The Priming Phase: At the start of every 5 week cycle, you will do “The Test Week” training and determine your baseline lifting potential.

Weeks 2, 3, 4 – You will expose your body to training stresses that demands your muscles to get bigger and stronger using the princples mentioned above.

Week 5 – Forced Production Overloading: Finally, in the 5th week, you will test yourself again against your week 1 personal best lifts only this time using the Forced Production
Overload technique.

Best Part: This Muscle Building and Weight Gain System Works Especially Well for Skinny Guys and Doesn’t Require You To Live In the Gym, Juice Up On Steroids or Spend Your Money on Overpriced Supplements

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If You Would Like to Find Out How to Pack on at Least 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in as Little as 5 Weeks or Less Then This Will be The Most Exciting Message You Ever Read…

In the next few minutes with your permission, I am going to send you a digital copy of my brand new hot off the shelf Bones To Buff muscle building program that include the 5 Bones To Buff Muscle Building Principles that were given to you above.

This new system is absolutely killer! It reveals how anyone, especially beginners, can pack on huge slabs of muscle in as little as 5 Weeks.

I’m 100% certain you will gain muscle on even your most stubborn to grow body parts.


Bones To Buff delivers a proven formula for muscle growth you won’t find anywhere else.

A Sneak Peak of the Bones to Buff Program…

Listen, There’s More. Lots More.
But Before We Get Into That…
Why Would You Or Should You Listen To Me?

Well the answer is quite simple to be honest…

Just a few years ago while my buddies spent their weekends picking up girls, I spent my weekends searching for the latest muscle building secrets

I’m not kidding. I was literally sitting in front of my computer typing in “…How to build muscle” on Google.

I was 139lbs soaking wet and was a complete pushover in the gym.

I was also the guy trying out every new workout and experimenting with every single muscle building technique out there…high reps…low reps…supersets….drop-sets…pyramid training…

Heck I probably would have tried to balance a dumbbell on my head and walk backwards if that is what the ‘Expert’ recommended!

Does This Sound Familiar? Building Muscle Was Hard
And The Biggest Problem Was…

Most weights in the gym were way too heavy for me and I didn’t know where to start or even what to do with them!

There was no information that served the skinny guy looking to gain weight…

I mean sure there was lots of muscle building information for the average guy but I was not average, I was a hardgainer and the tips the bodybuilding magazines were giving just weren’t working for me.

And when I did gain weight, the only part on my body that seemed to get bigger was the size of my stomach.

And while my belly gradually got bigger, my budget kept getting smaller as I continued buying every ‘miracle’ supplement that promised nothing short of bogus claims like ‘10lbs of muscle in only 3 days!’.

How My Mistakes And Frustrations Led Me To Developing A System That Guarantees You Gain Clean Muscle Mass

You see, even though I struggled and had to learn the hard way, I don’t regret it completely because that is what fuelled my desire to design a program that would build rock hard muscle in the least amount of time for those who needed it most.

I found out what worked through trial and error, became a champion fitness model, received my certification as a personal trainer and now I am here to save you the time and trouble

Does that sound good?! I thought so

I want to share something with you now…

Check Out How the Bones to Buff Principles Transformed me from an ‘Average Joe’ to a Fitness Model Champion!

I Knew I Was On To Something When I Was Asked To Be Interviewed By Top Sites, Fitness Authorities, Specialists And Of Course
My Hometown Newspaper…

And After Revealing The Secret Muscle Building System To The World, First Time Users Have Been Getting Killer Results And Transforming Their Bodies In As Little As 5 Weeks

Matt Gets JACKED And Wins His First MMA Fight…

Hi my name is Matthew. I?m 24 years old and my passion is Thai Boxing.
I am dedicated to developing my technical skills along with physical strength in order to reach my full potential.
Physical strength and conditioning is vital to success in this sport as it can impact a fighter?s mental preparedness and ultimate performance.
In a relatively short period of time Bones To Buff was able to address and correct all the shortcomings of my previous training program in order to develop a finely tuned sport specific program that was easy to follow.

The program that you designed was very comprehensive and addressed all of my needs for both nutrition and training questions. Every piece of information was very easy to follow and very comprehensive. Furthermore, after reading Bones To Buff, I was better informed about how to choose the right supplements and protein powder on the market today.

I just wanted to say thanks for always being available to answer questions I had and keep me on track as my fight approached.

Ultimately the Bones To Buff principles provided me with a no-fail approach to getting in the absolute best shape of my life. My endurance and strength are better than they have ever been and my weight is no longer a concern.

The program has left me feeling more energetic throughout the day, leaving me in a better mood. All of this has given me a completely new sense of confidence as a fighter, which will has already proven successful in the ring!!!

Matt Sicard
Quebec, Canada

As You Read On I’ll Tell You More About The How Bones To Buff Program Will Get You Jacked, Muscular And Noticed!
But Before We Go Into That…

Frankly, the Bones To Buff Program is not for everyone.

If you think that adding up to 10lbs of muscle in 5 weeks or less is not hard, then this program is not for you.

Better yet, if you want to just gain weight (fat and muscle) instead of just pure muscle, then this program is probably not a good match.

If you enjoy going to the gym 7 days a week, this program is not for you!

There are 4 workouts per week within the 5 week cycles and in weeks 1 and 5 there is actually only 3 workouts and to be honest, that is all you really need.

This is ‘not for know it alls’ or ‘seen it alls’ or advanced trainers.

Here’s the scary part: There are trainers out there who are making un-realistic claims about building 20 or 40lbs of muscle naturally in only 6 weeks just to make a quick buck.

I REFUSE to tell you the same lies!

My strong hunch is you want would rather be told the truth, am I right?

Needless to say, you are not alone. You will be provided a proven step by step plan like no other that will guide you on the rigth path to finally building muscle and getting the body you want.

I Am About To Reveal The Entire Package That Will Finally Make Muscle Building Fast, Simple And Easy To Understand

Our little secret: I’ll make the complete program that I have developed based on personal and client results, plus the additional information that has not been offered before until now, available to you by instant download.

The greatest advantage of downloadable products are:

– No waiting on products to be shipped to your door
– You can start within minutes of purchasing the program
– No chance of losing the material because you will have lifetime access to the site
– Unlimited and fast program updates and customer support 24/7

This is the main program design manual.

This book describes everything you need to know about building massive muscle using 5 short week cycles.

It Covers Everything You

Need to Know:

This will be your step by step guide to packing on 10lbs of lean muscle in 5 weeks.

You won’t achieve your true genetic potential without eating properly during this 5 week phase.
This component will provide:

What kind of program would this be if I didn’t show you how to do the exercises?

These are the exercises that are going to guarantee your success everytime you start another 5 Week Cycle.

You can enjoy this component in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of having to learn in the gym.

Who doesn’t want a chiselled six pack?

You do need to still do cardio even while building muscle. Don’t get too concerned because these cardio workouts will actually promote uscle growth.

Just A Minute Now, There`s More!

For a very limited time, you can also get access to the bonuses below for FREE!

You need a plan to get to where you want to be and that is why I have included the Bones To Buff Roadmap to Muscle Gain which will be your step by step to do list each and every week to ensure you build maximum muscle and achieve your goals.

I want you to stay focused during the 5 intense week cycles and that is why I have provided you with this 5 week checklist to ensure you stay on track.

It covers everything from:

The ?Underground? Bones To Buff

Weekly Coaching Videos

Each week, I will personally select a client?s question that I received during the week and complete a video response to that particular question.

The question I pick will be the one that will provide the most benefit to other users of the Bones to Buff program.

I will be answering the questions by video responses and I will elaborate on each answer to make sure it is answered to the fullest extent possible.

You will have access to each and every video response in the Bones to Buff Video FAQ database to view at any time.

The videos compiled and become available at the end of every month for instant download and replay to help you on your quest to build muscle.

***Available ONLY to Bones To Buff customers***

Of course you will NOT have to PAY that amount…

Here’s The Deal: During this introductory phase, you can pick up a copy of the entire
Bones to Buff package and bonuses for the one time price of only:

Right now, I Am Offering You A Proven Method To Developping A New Muscular, Defined, Rock Solid Head Turning Buff Body
At A Very Low Price

This price will increase. In fact, other fitness experts who reviewed the package told me my price is WAY TOO LOW.

But, I really want to help as many people as possible achieve their new physique. And if that means a lower price, then so be it. But you have to act now!

I Am 100% Confident That You Will Absolutely Love Bones to Buff
And That You Will Achieve The Success You Beserve, But just in Case You Are Not Satisfied I Am Sweetening The Deal…

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose With The Bones To Buff 100% Money Back Guarantee I Am Offering You

Simply click ‘Add to Cart’ to get Bones to Buff today!

Joey, I am a Man of Action and am Ready to
Take the Next
Steps in Building the Body I Deserve

Now Consider What Will Happen If You Don’t Take Action Right Now And Take This Opportunity …

How will you react when you realize that the price for this one of a kind program has doubled or tripled and you can’t take advantage of this introductory offer anymore?

Today you could walk away with the answers instantly by downloading your products in a matter of minutes. If you don’t, you will more than likely waste hours, months and maybe years just ‘waiting’ for the right time.

Fact Is…You Can’t Afford to Pass This Up…

You might not think that you can ‘afford’ it, right?

I used to think the same thing until I learned that there is ALWAYS a way to afford things that mean something to you. It’s just a matter of making it happen.

The real question is…Can you afford NOT to get this?

Are you really going to say no to more muscle, increased confidence and the body you deserve?

It’s backed by a 60 day no questions asked refund policy!

I Want to Make a Change Today Towards My New Muscular Body

What This All Boils Down To Is If You Want To Pack On 10lbs Of Muscle Or More In 5 Weeks Or Less Then You Need The Bones To Buff Program

Listen, I know Bones To Buff has literally changed peoples lives including my own and that is why I am so passionate about getting it to you and helping you to transform your own body and start feeling better about yourself and start getting more respect from others.

I also have no problem offering you my Bones To Buff No-questions asked,
60-day Money-back Guarantee because
I am that confident that the program will work
at getting you the results it promises.

So go ahead and get it now, test it out for yourself and if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with it, I will happily give you a refund on the spot. No strings attached.

Click Here To Add To Cart

PS: Don’t forget; you have nothing to fear when you buy this package. First I have completed extensive research on what works and what doesn’t work for getting rapid results in minimum time for fellow Skin and ‘Bones’ people as well as tested it in a real world setting.

Second, you are completely insured and can sleep well at night knowing that you are guaranteed either to make great muscle gains in the next 5 weeks or you get your entire order refunded on the spot with no questions asked. Grab it RISK-FREE today.

Joey, the Guarantee Makes This a No-Brainer…I Want Muscle NOW

P.P.S. The #1 Question Most People Have About Bones To Buff

Q: Is The Program Only 5 Weeks Long?

A: NO! The Bones To Buff Program is made up of short 5 week cycles that can be re-used again and again to continue building muscle for several months.

Best of all, the program reveals the methods and pricinples to gain muscle over a lifetime.

The first 5 week cycle is when you will experience the BEST results, but each additional 5 week cycle will continue to provide you with above average gains in muscle mass.

You have access to three 5 week cycles of workouts and information on how to utilize each phase again and again.

That’s more than 4-6 months of step-by-step workouts, meal plans and a brand new body!

Q: Isn’t 10lbs of Muscle In 5 Weeks A Bit Un-realistic?

A: NO! I get this question a lot and I wanted to make it clear right here right now that gaining 10lbs of lean mass in 5 weeks is completely possible and the Bones To Buff program was designed to help you achieve just that!

Now, I will be honest and tell you that you will probably not continue gaining 10lbs of lean mass every additional 5 week cycle. The best results will happen in your first 5 weeks BUT you will still see above average results in each additional 5 week cycle.

The truth is the program works extremely well and there is no reason you cannot pack on 20 or 30lbs of lean mass by re-using the 5 week program again and again.

Doesn’t that sound fair?

Q: I have never purchased anything online before…is it safe?

A: Yes it is 100% Secured!! Bones To Buff transactions are handled by the #1 trusted online processing company called Clickbank. They have been around for over 10 years and are the only comany I deal with.

Basically, when you click add to cart, and eventually purchase, Clickbank processes your payment instantly and allows you instant access to your products. No wait times!

Then, I send your information and program package right away. It is safe and it is the only system I use and trust with my clients.

NOTE: The Bones to Buff system contains only downloadable material.

No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the Bones to Buff manual and all the additional Components being offered. The file format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Click here to get Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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