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Do you want to look better naked? I’m serious. Do you want to improve your physique in some way, shape or form?

Do you want to have more muscle, a chisel, defined set of abs, and leaps in herculean strength that oozes confidence in the gym?

Because I’m here to show you whatever training approach you’re using now OR have used in the past can be improved by nearly 70%.

You’ll be able to double your current rate of muscle growth and strength gains…while spending HALF the time at the gym!

However, stay with me for just a minute here. I know you’re skeptical — who wouldn’t be, with outrageous claims like this coming at you from all the bodybuilding magazines, late night infomercials, and supplement stores.

Over 14,432 men worldwide have already "come on board" with me, with absolutely astonishing results (which has caused people in their gyms to cry "steroids" even though they’re totally natural)!

Like a lot of guys, maybe including yourself, I once went down the well-traveled road of skipping workouts and excessive indulgence. Pizza was the norm late weekend nights. Alcohol was the only refreshment.

In fact, I became yet another casualty in the fight against the Freshman 15; yet it was more like the Freshmen 30 for me.

I want to peel back the curtain and show you the exact turning point that allowed me achieve what GQ is calling “The Perfect Body.” The type of physique that comes complete with super strength, razor sharp abs and effortlessly attracts the opposite sex.

The first time I looked at myself and realized my weight was a problem, was in the 6th grade. It was during soccer tryouts. I was competing for a spot with my cousin, Daniel. We ran our…

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