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And the most painful part of my job is when I see amazing people coming in because of chronic pain.  

Often they are trying drug after drug after drug hoping for a moments relief….  but I know that these "band aid" solutions aren’t working, because each week and every month, they keep coming back with different prescriptions, hoping for more. 

And what happened the last time you tried to talk to your doctor about it?   He probably gave you a prescription whose side effects sounded worse than what you’re currently suffering from…

So I called up a friend, a medical resident in diabetes and nutrition, and she told me about the  ever increasing cases of complications of diabetes she deals with on a daily basis…

Then I got hold of another doctor, a public health Specialist and an "Adjunct lecturer in a renowned university in Jamaica and they told me similar things complementing what my friend said and what I knew all along….a SHOCKING pattern…..A glaring connection between diabetes and other health issues affecting the HEART, BRAIN, KIDNEY, CHOLESTEROL, WEIGHT LOSS, Erectile Dysfunction, depression, anxiety, insomnia and the list goes on …..Then it dawned on me….. DIABETES AND ITS  COMPLICATIONS HAVE BECOME A UNIVERSAL EPIDEMIC AROUND THE WORLD….NOT JUST IN THE USA…. And that’s when I started thinking we could actually make a difference…  

Have you seen some of the so called pro neuropathy treatments out there that promised you a life free from pain and suffering, but in reality….never happens?

That changed my perspective on Diabetes and Neuropathy FOREVER…It’s one thing to see an amputee on TV or social media and feel “so sorry"..But to see a friend or a loved one go through it!!..Seriously!…..And the sad truth? He too…

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