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DID YOU KNOW: The most common problem effecting the Achilles tendon is NOT tendonitis – which is inflammation of the fibers in the Achilles tendon. The most common problem is Achilles tendinosis – which is degeneration of the fibers in the Achilles tendon?

I bring this up because Achillies tendonitis – what you might THINK you have – is an inflammatory condition.

So, you’ve also tried the usual items to solve the pain issue, items like resting & icing?

Because when you have degeneration of the fibers, resting will not fix them. It’s like trying to fix a mechanical problem with your car by not driving.

Even most doctors, whilst still knowing the difference between Achilles tendonitis & Achilles tendinosis, do not refer to these 2 conditions separately.

Now that you know your condition is likely NOT Achilles tendonitis, but Achilles TENDINOSIS – which is degeneration of the fibers that make up the Achilles tendon – then that is the problem you need to solve to get rid of pain.

Keep reading and you will discover step-by-step system that you can use to solve The Real Problem behind why you’ve got Achilles pain.

If you’ve tried any other treatments such as drugs, injections, or orthotics before, then I can promise you that this is something completely different, because you’ve never heard about Achilles Remodelling before.

If you read this entire page today, I will tell you about the entire Step-By-Step Achilles Remodeling System™.

Before we get into WHAT the Achilles Remodelling System™ is, and HOW it works, first let me introduce myself and how I discovered this ….

But since having suffered with Achilles pain I haven’t been able to play my sport or exercise properly without nagging pain.

In fact, I’m going to tell you the story…

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