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At Home ACL Surgery Recovery Exercise Videos

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I am no doctor or medical professional but I have been through 2 ACL surgeries. After my first surgery I did most things wrong and learned the very painful lesson that physio alone is not enough.

In my first year University I tore my ACL playing rugby and got surgery almost a full year later. Being a little overconfident I did not focus on my rehab as much as I should have and did little focused at home recovery exercises outside of Physio.

Well, 8 months later I decided to play soccer and my lax attitude towards my recovery came back to haunt me 20 minutes into the game.

I re-tore my ACL and swore to myself I would learn everything and do everything I possibly could to avoid re-tearing it or having life long limitations.

Not only did I want to be damn certain I never re-tore my knee I felt like there was information lacking from my Physio and Surgeon.

My surgeons (both I believe did a great job) sent me home with a badly photocopied booklet while my physio (who was also great) was only going to be seen every other day starting one week into the recovery.

I stand behind the benefits of these videos but realize no program is perfect for everyone. If you do not think you get 10 times the value out of these videos I will refund your money no questions asked. 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed – No Hassle

Thanks, Jon Haver jonmhaver (at) gmail.com P.S. More videos are being created now. Once they are done the price will be increasing. However, anyone who buys at this price will have lifetime access to all the new videos. The website’s content and the product for sale is…

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