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Dr. Ulhas Luktuke, renowned Psychiatrist from Pune (India), has written foreword for the Book.


1. All objects in this Universe including the human beings are

means, source of ‘Natural Energy’-‘MAHABHOOT’ (‘महाभूत’-

‘मूलभूत उर्जा तत्व’). Out of the 10 ‘Basic Universal Energy

Elements’, 5 Elements are of physical type (व्यक्त), and 5

Elements are of metaphysical type (अव्यक्त).

3. The definition / detailed explanation about the ‘Basic Universal Energy Elements’.

A) ‘Common’ and ‘Specific’ Qualities (Attributes) of the Energy Elements.

4. The Energy Elements and it’s Significance to the human beings. How, the ‘Energy’

(associated with the ‘Energy Elements’) is manifested / represented in the human beings.

‘अहम्‌ ब्रह्मास्मि’) Concept, based on, ‘NATURAL SCIENCE’.

9. Explanation about – ‘Everything’ in this World is basically the same ‘Universal Energy’,

10. The Universal Energy and the Human Body. Information about A) 12 Main Organs,

B) 10 Body Systems, C) 5 Sense Organs, D) 5 Action Organs, and E) 7 ‘Energy Chakras’.

17. Mental health and the simple, acceptable definition of the ‘MIND’. Functions of the Mind.

30. How the ‘Disorders’ (विकृती) are formed?

43.Selection criteria for the Energy imbalance treatment methods, based on ‘HOLISTIC APPROACH’

(All-inclusive, all-encompassing treatments – ’सर्वसमावेशक उपचार पध्दती’), based on the

48. List of the problems (162 nos.) likely to be faced by

49. Solved Examples using the Logistic method. The Printed book contains 5 solved examples

(Due to space limitations), where as the e-book & CD contains all the 162 solved examples.

The information given in the book is useful to each and everybody in this World, irrespective of the Age, Gender, Religion, Qualifications and…

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