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You can download them as mp3s so you can listen to them anywhere… at home, in your car, when you’re on a run, or in between getting your coffee and getting to the office. All you have to do is push play and get in the flow!

Play the following video for a sample of one of the 9 different guided audios you will receive with 3-Minute Meditations.

"Adam!!! I want to share my immense gratitude to you for sharing 3 Minute Meditations and the 28 Day meditation challenge. I have been meditating for years, but NEVER consistently. Now, by putting into practice a daily 3 minute meditation, I am able to meditate daily, sometimes multiple times daily, and often for longer amounts of time. Shifts in perspective, peace of mind, and HUGE new opportunities are entering my life… IRACLES! Meditation is such an important spiritual tool and I feel like you’ve given me such a huge gift. I’m forever grateful.…AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!! I AM BBD!"

"3 Minute Meditations provided an easy to follow introduction to meditation. Adding three minutes of meditation to my routine has been relaxing, energizing, and grounding. It has become regular part of my day that I will enthusiastically continue. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a systematic method of learning to implement daily meditation. Amazing how just three minutes of meditation can be so energizing! Ready to go workout! Thank you for including me, Adam!"

"Thank you Adam for giving me just what I needed to start a meditation practice. I have heard and read for years about the benefits of meditation, but always found excuses not to try, or would try and not stay consistent. When I read about the 3 minute format, I thought to myself, "now…

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