200 Metabolism-Boosting Dessert And Snack Recipes

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is this the guilt-free alternative to junk food that finally puts desserts back on your dinner table?

Imagine if you could. Without the guilt. Knowing that, in fact, there is a world of healthy desserts and snacks that become possible when you eliminate the sugar, flour, eggs, butter, and cream that make for calorie-high but nutritionally-void treats.

Nutrient-dense desserts CAN be rich and creamy. Even if they don’t contain a sliver of unhealthy ingredients. That’s because these recipes have been gathered, filtered, and improved by a health-conscious fanatic who believes great food should taste great too.

So, what do all of these findings mean, and can those requirements for an alternative, healthy formulation of a dessert actually be put to use?

Or is it all just wishful thinking? Perhaps the most important lesson the science seems to be telling us is that there are MANY ways the traditional dessert can fail us when it comes to our health. We have seen how every day we are tempted by "junk" foods whose addictive low-nutrient ingredients (like sweeteners and wheat flour) punish us severely for sampling them by fostering an irresistible desire to come back for more. In our zeal to take care of our bodies we convince ourselves that natural ingredients (like milk and cream) surely cannot be all that bad for us. But in reality, adding them to our dessert recipes can set up paths of inflammation in the body that can persist unnoticed for decades. Worse yet, this inflammation can snowball into myriad chronic health issues, including the frustratingly persistent creep of body weight. Invisible toxins, which we may add directly when we employ processed ingredients in our recipes, or produce directly ourselves through the act of cooking at high temperatures, only make…

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