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The Thai Soup Secret

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"This gorgeously written and photographed book is filled with mouth-watering recipes that are easy for home cooks to recreate. These comforting, healthy soups offer a perfect balance of savory-salty-sweet-sour-spicy flavors, all without ever leaving home. I dare you to look through this book without dashing off to the kitchen to whip up some Thai-inspired delights that will satisfy your taste buds, nourish your body and feed your soul."

"Finally a book on Thai soups introducing us all to not only the recipes and culinary tips needed to try this exciting cuisine in our own homes, but also expert advice from a Nutritional Therapist (NTP) on how and why this food nourishes and heals."

"With millions of people suffering from chronic digestive issues today, there has never been a greater need to incorporate gut-healing, whole foods into our modern diet. This book beautifully lays out the role that Thai soups can play in digestive support and is packed with practical, delicious recipes that any home cook can create."

"I found Thai Soup Secret book to be informative, easy to follow and most importantly, it helped me garner insights into Thai soup cooking and demystify it for the common household family. We have a child with nut allergies, so many Thai restaurants are often a concern, but I now feel confident that I can safely create so many of the wonderful flavors unique to Thai cooking without the potential for allergic issues."

"This book is packed with amazing recipes and photos that leaves you wanting to begin making them immediately. It’s also much more than just a recipe book as Craig takes you through the health benefits and and all he’s learned through his travels to Thailand. I am excited to begin sharing this…

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