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Ticker Type Widget for Adobe Muse

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Click To Download Here

Create eye-catching text banners that type out like old style ticker tape!

You can configure the speed of typing, set the text with standard and web fonts, adjust the tracking and choose whether or not to display a flashing cursor as the text is typed. The widget is responsive, so the text will flow fluidly with the rest of the design.

Installation instructions:

  • Download and unpack the Ticker Type widget zip file
  • Double-click the Ticker Type.mulib file to install it into your Muse Library

Basic use

  • Drag the widget from the library on to your Muse page
  • Open the widget options panel by clicking the blue Disclosure Arrow
  • Type the text you want to display into the text field. You can separate individual words or phrases with the vertical bar symbol (Shift+backslash)

For full instructions on configuring the widget display, click here: Ticker Type widget for Adobe Muse

Click To Download Here

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