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Make your discounts go viral using a want button! – The more you share, the cheaper they buy!


The Social Action Button is a social commerce service for online retailers that allows their shoppers to share coveted items to their Social Timeline. The Social Action Button aims to provide ecommerce businesses with more exposure around their products and the ability to communicate with shoppers interested in buying their items. Each Button click on a merchant site posts that product’s details (image, title, store name) back to the shopper’s Social Timeline.


This will help you turn customers into your personal viral marketing team who tells all their friends about your products or services on the social network, growing your footfall, referrals and sales overnight.


Action Button Generator

A action button can be embedded on any product or sales page, so when customers click it will open a popup window directly to your page to share and claim your discount.


Just create a social payment discount with an action button so customers can share with friends, followers or contacts on the social network to reduce the price. When they reach the targeted amount, they can unlock your discount and make payment. Use for a product or sales page.

1. Discount so far
You can set target discount (that means each user must share with certain number of friends or followers to get the discount). The user must share there unique page link on the social network to increase the discount.

For example, when their friends clicks their link and visits the page, it adds to there discount (e.g. if 5 friends visit there link, then $5 discount is added).

2. Discount left
This how much discount left to claim. When their friends or followers click their link and visit the page, it adds to their discount.

3. Discount unlocked
Once target visitor count is reached, your hidden discount code is shown (so your discount will be unlocked after a certain number of visitors have been achieved).


1. Unique Discounts
Each user has unique share count so they they must share with targeted number of friends to claim (which means when user shares, it adds to there discount only – this is based on a unique share link which includes the Sharelock ID + IP address in url: YourDomain.com/?id1=123123123).

2. Unlimited Discounts
You can set a sharelock ID in the script, so you can create multiple offers (for stores or clients) with unique discounts (when new user visits the page, a new file is created with sharelock ID and there IP address, e.g. 1_ip-address.txt).

3. Discount Code
When target visitor count is reached, they can unlock your discount code. You can enter any discount code or iframe an email form for user to get a unique discount code.


The ideal shopping action for e-commerce sites, the Social Action Button allows consumers to keep a universal wish list on their Social Timeline and drive exposure, traffic and sales for retailers. Here are some of the benefits for merchants:

1. More Exposure
Every time a shopper shares one of your products it’s posted to their Social Timeline, letting all of their friends know they desire something from your site.

2. More Referrals
The action button is more powerful and influential to a shopper’s friends than Like (which has become diluted since its original launch), leading to higher click-through rates. Action buttons impressions have boosted the average retailer’s social referral traffic by over 200%.

3. More Retargeting
Reach back out to sharers through their Facebook Messenger. This new marketing channel has little competition resulting in over 90% click-through rates. You can offer discounts, sale alerts, restock notices, product recommendations or any other content that will motivate shoppers to come back and buy.



Click To Download Here

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