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Readers Browser app is live in Google Play Store. Here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cfsuman.readersbrowser

How it works?

  • Readers Browser is a web browser for Android devices.
  • Readers browser specially made for those who read articles/blog/news/tutorials on various web sites.
  • Readers Browser home page is a search page where users can search anything and visit those site.
  • Browser have two type of bookmarks, one is site bookmarks and another one is page bookmarks. So, when users visit a page then they can bookmark that page or that site’s domain (home page) or both.
  • Readers browser have two toolbar one is top toolbar and another one is bottom toolbar.
  • Top toolbar bookmark menu item indicate which site/page is already bookmarked. They also can navigate page bookmarks list and site bookmarks list.
  • Readers browser allow user to change text zooming. So users can read the web page as their preferred text size.
  • Readers browser also allow to block/unblock images on web page. So, when users have limited data plan, they can block image loading on web page and can still read text.
  • Readers Browser also allow users to navigate browser back and forward history. Those menu icon also indicate when back/forward history available.
  • Browser also have a search menu item icon, which allow to open search page by single tap.
  • Browser allow to clear all cache data.
  • Browser allow to clear all form data.
  • Browser allow to delete all history.
  • App show a list of page bookmarks. Users can remove any bookmark from this list.App also display a list of site home page bookmarks. Users can remove any bookmark from this list.
  • Browser allow to reload a page by tapping menu icon.
  • Browser display a progress bar while a page loading.

How this app build?

  • This app build using Latest Android Studio 2.3
  • This app support Android API version 16 (Jelly Bean) to 25 (Nougat ++)
  • This app design based on Android Material Design.
  • App images and Icons stored in Drawable folders and multiple sizes (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and xxxhdpi).
  • App files and directory organized as Android recommendation.
  • All design code written in values/styles.xml file.
  • All string stored in values/strings.xml file
  • All layout parameters written in values/dimens.xml file (different file for small, normal, large and xlarge screen)
  • Colors code stored in values/colors.xml file.
  • Layout and custom layout files stored in res/layout folder.
  • All app logics are organized in classes and methods.
  • Admob ad settings also written in values/strings.xml file.
  • Followed a good understandable naming convention for both files, directories and variables.

More feature

  • Firebase app analytics is integrated.
  • Firebase crash report is integrated.
  • Admob interstitial ad setup.

How to reskin?

  • To change the app color related value, edit the values/colors.xml file.
  • To change string related value, edit the values/strings.xml file
  • To change the style related code, edit the values/styles.xml file.
  • To change the layout parameters such as margin, padding, text size etc, edit the values/dimens.xml file. There are four different dimens.xml files, so you can set the different value for different files for any specific object. Such as set different text size for different type dimens.xml file (small, normal, large and xlarge screens).
  • Dimens.xml file allow to better optimize the app for both phone and tablet devices.
  • After all edit the java and layout xml files for deep level customization.
  • You can change the menu item icons, the menu item icons located in res/drawables folder and in sub folders.

About Compilation

  • Edit the app level build.gradle file signingConfig section. Set the passwords and file location as your own setup.
  • While build the .apk file, don’t forget to check marks for both V1 (Jar Signature) and V2 (Full APK Signature).
  • Put your own Firebase google-services.json file on app folder. So, you can get details Firebase analytics report and Firebase crash report.

Download Here

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