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Logancee – Responsive Ecommerce Shopify Template

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We are so pleased to introduce to our beloved customers a first template

LoganCee – Responsive Ecommerce Shopify Template.

This theme is a great combination of a clean, modern, minimalist design and a number of powerful features. With all of love and passion, our most talented designer tried his best to complete this ecommerce theme.
Therefore, this responsive ecommerce template will be ideal for any web developers to customize and make their own site become one of the top online shopping sites .
It has many different types of headers, multiple style & layout. Everything which is ready to use to make a complete website such as landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc
Whatever products that you are selling, it will catch your viewer’s interest from their first sights.

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Ajax Search Product



Features Highlight

    • Top notch Support Service
    • Long term support/ upgrade
    • Update regularly
    • 100% fully Responsive
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3
    • HTML5 & CSS3 & Sass CSS
    • Font awesome icons integrated
    • Advanced Typography Options
    • Google Web Fonts Integration
    • Unlimited Color Options
    • Advanced Header Options
    • Mega Menu
    • Quickview
    • Product Sale Label
    • Grid & List Mode
    • Product Hover & Quick View
    • Ajax Wishlist
    • Ajax Cart
    • Ajax Filter
    • Customer Reviews
    • Social networking
    • Prefined Style Page; Contact Page, About Us Page.
    • Product SEO optimized.
    • Cross Browse Support
    • Product Variant
    • And Much More! Check out the various demos!


    LoganCee v1.3.0 Release date: 24/08/2018
    -We fixed fix mirror bug Css

    LoganCee v1.2.0 Release date: 19/04/2018
    - We update Optimize code, optimize speed (faster site)
    - Add Infinite Scrolling Product in page collection

    LoganCee v1.1.3 Release date: 27/11/2017
    - update canvas menu
    -update css
    -update footer link

    LoganCee v1.1.2 Release date: 3/21/2017
    - update mega menu
    -update css

    LoganCee v1.1.1 Release date: 7/10/2016
    - update file language

    LoganCee v1.1.0 Release date: 3/15/2016
    - New home layout


    LoganCee v1.0.9 Release 02/25/2016 <br />
    - Update Home Cosmetic
    LoganCee v1.0.8 Release 01/25/2016 <br />
    - Fix Responsive Page Cart
    - Fix Click Menu On Ipad
    LoganCee v1.0.7 Release 01/15/2016 <br />
    - Fix Responsive
    - Update Color Swatches.
    - New home layout.
    - Update home 08.
    LoganCee v1.0.6 Release 01/07/2016 <br />
    - 12th Home Layout - Shoes Stores. 
    LoganCee v1.0.5 Release 12/28/2015 <br />
    - 11th Home Layout - Sidebar Variant
    Logancee v1.0.4 Release - 12/19/2015 <br /> 
    - Improve Style.
    - Fix mirror bug
    Logancee v1.0.3 Release - 12/16/2015 <br /> 
    -Fix Responsive
    Logancee v1.0.2 Release - 12/14/2015 <br /> 
    - 10th Home Layout - Sidebar Variant<br />
    - Update zoom Product detail Variants <br /> 
    - Remove product wishlist ajax ( Will update later.) <br />
    Logancee v1.0.1 Release - 12/11/2015
    - 9th Home Layout - Jewelry Store
    - Fix Reposive CSS
    Logancee v1.0.0 Initial Release - 12/08/2015

Click To Download Here

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