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Home - Klikk.io - Add Ur Call-To-Action on Any Webpage in The WorldClick Image To Visit SiteWHEN YOU PEEL OFF THE LAYERS of big promises in the Internet Marketing space, you’ll see that content is NOT KING. The king is actually content sharing. It is utterly WEIRD that so few people are aware of it…

And for every second you deny this rising challenge in your business, more and more sales slip through your fingers in favor of your COMPETITORS!

Think about it! How often are you sharing stuff on Facebook? Or on Twitter? Or basically on any other social media site?

And whenever I shared stuff not created by me, I helped building businesses not owned by me. I wasn’t getting a check for the work I did!

The leads I accumulated, as well as my customers, all expected me to keep on sharing interesting and good content.

I put a minimum of 10 hours a week into creating and sharing content… STILL, my own content didn’t match up to the articles and videos I shared from other authority sites.

At least not if the work involves building up a business that you don’t own by sharing their websites with your beloved leads and customers…

Is there any way for me to share content I didn’t create myself, and also collect leads and commission checks from it?

I researched and selected the best articles from newspapers and blogs on a random topic; anxiety. All were sites in a very targeted niche and all were regarded as authorities by their readers. The content was about how to get rid of panic attacks.

To make it difficult for myself, I chose to target another country, just to see if it could work anywhere. I chose Sweden. The sites I picked were large national newspapers and a few well-visited blogs about panic and anxiety.

Then I started… Read more…

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