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Expert Authority AcademyClick Image To Visit SiteFrom: Justin Devonshire, International Trainer & Speaker, Leading Business & Marketing Expert for Coaches & Expert Service Professionals

Are you worried that you won’t make enough money from your coaching business… and have to go back to a ‘normal job’?

Do you wish you had higher-quality clients who would take your advice and pay you what you’re worth?

The truth is 90%+ of coaches & experts struggle to make a sustainable, predictable income. So, you’re not alone.

And that upsets me, because I’ve met many coaches who are great at what they do, and desperately want to help people transform their lives.

But it doesn’t matter how good of a coach, consultant or expert you are… if nobody knows who you are!

These struggling coaches and experts take more and more certifications, hoping that will bring them more recognition and clients.

Coaching schools show you how to be an effective coach but they do NOT give you any marketing or business knowledge so you can make this into a real career.

Upset seeing the people spend their money on fads & gimmicks – or worse – paying to work with coaches with very little passion or experience.

You’re worried about the explosion of new coaches in the industry and how it’ll affect your income (the coaching industry is set to grow by another 83% by 2018…)

You’re sick of seeing people suffering with poor relationships, low confidence, depression, poor health or struggling in thier career – people you KNOW you can help with your coaching or consulting services.

And your passion for coaching and helping people is being tested a little right now. It’s not what you thought it would be.

Under-charged for my services and felt I was ripping myself off. Wishing I could charge the higher prices but didn’t have the confidence.

I almost… Read more…

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