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Domains & Hostings Manager Remainder v1.5

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“Domains & Hostings” Manager Remainder

“Domains & Hostings” Manager Remainder history:

25 Oct 2014 updated to v 1.6

  • What’s new: Added login start page. Please use “admin” and “password” for first login.

  • Improved security

  • Fixed some warning errors caused by different php versions.

Updated to v 1.4

  • What’s new: Added Language support. Just edit ‘language.php’ file with your native language.

  • Improved security

  • Added Dns in “List” page.

  • Added IP in “List” page.

  • Some small changes.

  • Fixed some bugs.

Updated to v 1.3

  • What’s new: Update come with small improvements for better look.

  • Some small changes.

How to install:

Replace old files with new one, except ‘config.php’

What is “Domains & Hostings” Manager Remainder ?

“D&H” Manager Remainder is a powerful system that never let you forget to renew domains or hostings accounts, by sending emails and sms * to admin (and for future will store all DNS, IP, PASSWORDS info.)

If you have more than one domain, and use different hosting services, you know how difficult is to keep in mind what domain where is stored, and what dns and ip need to input in every hosting services, also the domains have one expiration date, and hostings have different….

I did this for me, and help me so mutch, so for now you can use it and keep all your domains/hostings websites accounts alive.

It is very easy to install. Just input once the cpanel username, password and forget about. The rest part of work will be done by D&H Reminder Manager.

D&H Remainder Manager will check every day at inputed hour the status of each domain/hosting expiration date, and if is = 30 days left, or 7 days left or today expire, will send an email and (or) sms to inputed mail address and cell phone with allert message from template.

Automatically make cron jobs, with correct cron command, just by one click.

Also have a powerful auto-install system, that can help you to avoid install headpain.

That’s all.

For demo preview    Login= admin        Password= password


  • The 30-days, 7-days and today expire alert to email & sms

  • Send alert to ADMIN Email address

  • Send SMS alert to more than 200 countries Cell number

  • Send allert to specified address or cell *

  • Print report Domain/Hosting status

  • Email message template with tags

  • SMS message template with tags

  • Easy create MySql database

  • Auto create crontab

  • Secured admin login

  • Easy Set Cron Jobs

  • Responsive design

  • Easy to implement

  • Easy to use

  • DNS data stored for each domain/hostings*

  • * this and many other features will come in future versions

Also take a look at D&H PRO
version, that comes with multi-user and many powerful features.

Click To Download Here

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