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AroundMe | iOS Universal Geolocated Questions App Template (Swift)

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iOS and Android versions can share the same database on back4app

25 May 2018
• Accordingly to the new EU GDPR terms, I've updated the 'tou.html' file and Documentation.
IMPORTANT: This means that if a User asks for his/her Account deletion, you must do it within 24 hours, as the GDPR's "Right to be forgotten" Article states (LINK: https://gdpr-info.eu/art-17-gdpr/)
18 April 2018
• Added some code to save Activity in the QuestionDetails.swift -> 'favoriteButt()' method, for favorite questions
• Added a 'sendPushNotification()' extension in Configs.swift
• Edited the methods that send Push Notifications in QuestionsDetails.swift -> 'thanksButt()', 'favoriteButt()' and 'sendCommentButton()' methods
• Removed AdMob banners code from Home.swift, QuestionsList.swift, Account.swift and OtherUserProfile.swift | Replaced with AdMob Interstital ads | adjusted some views from the empty space that was occupied by the banner
• Changed the Admob Unit ID string in Configs.swift
3 April 2018
• Updated to reccomended settings with Xcode 9.3
• Updated the 3 Facebook SDKs (because of Swift 4.1 release):
8 February 2018
• Added these 2 lines of code into viewDidLoad() in QuestionDetails.swift, in order to prevenmt a crash while using the predictive toolbar over the keyboard:
    commentTxt.autocorrectionType = .no
    commentTxt2.delegate = self 
7 December 2017
• Added a few lines of code in the 'signupButt()' method in SignUp.swift, in order to save a default avatar image in your Parse Dashboard -> User class

AroundMe is a Universal App Template where you can post geolocated questions by choosing the location on a map, comment other users’ questions and award Thank you’s points and badges, as well as say thanks to other user’s comments.
This app is useful for all those ones who need to find help nearby, lost something, looking for places around their area or just socialize and find new friends while you’re on vacation in a certain place.
Users can comment, favorite and share questions, as well as report inappropriate/offensive comments/posts.
AroundMe includes a Settings screen where you can edit your own Profile, rate the app on the App Store and follow your social networks pages, as well as read the terms of Use and contact the Admin of the app.

There’s also a nice set of Badges that will be shown on the top of the Profile screens based on the Thank You’s you’ve received for your own comments.
This app includes a Report inappropriate content feature, embedded iOS Map and Terms of User HTML file.

Since its backend is by Parse you don’t have to buy any domain/hosting, there are NO PHP files to upload to a web server so you’ll save some money for server side.

AroundMe is a native XCode project, Swift language, Storyboard, Universal, super easy to customize, backend with Parse SDK hosted on http://back4app.com

I’m new to Xcode UI interface, any help?

Sure, start by reading this tutorial, it will surely help you get familiar with Xcode and its UI interface: https://hubpages.com/technology/iOS-About-Xcode-and-its-interface

About Parse SDK and back4app

Read this article for more info about back4app and Parse SDK: https://hubpages.com/technology/Parse-SDK-will-not-shutdown-in-thanks-to-back4app

Can I host Parse Server on my own server?

Yes, although I don’t provide support for the setup process, you can read the official Guide here: http://parseplatform.org

I get a Code signing error in Xcode 8.x

That’s a bug of Xcode 8 with macOS Sierra, check this sample video to see how to fix it: https://youtu.be/z2LemT1_LqA

How to remove AdMob interstitial ads

Simply use the Xcode’s Find tool on the left-side panel and search for


Comment all the lines that ther Find tool has found and you’ll be fine

What about free support for this template?

I can offer free support for bugs encountered in the original code.
Instead, if you’ve edited the code and messed something up with it, I may apply some fee to fix it either via TeamViewer or by checking your app project files directly on my computer.

Should I use the latest version of Xcode to edit this template?

Yes, I always update my apps to the latest version of the IDE.

  • XCode 9.x project – Swift – 64bit
  • iOS 8+ – Universal – Storyboard
  • Backend with Parse Server hosted on back4app.com
  • AdMob Interstitial ads
  • Post questions with image and geolocation attachments
  • Push Notifications for Favorites, Comments and Thank you’s
  • Comment, favorite and share questions
  • Delete and Report comments/users options
  • PDF User Guide and PSD included
  • Easy to customize | Well commented code

  • Apple Mac with its latest OS version installed
  • The latest version of Xcode and some knowledge about its UI interface
  • Photoshop or any other image editor software
  • An Apple Developer account to submit apps to the App Store
  • An AdMob account to generate your own banner UNIT ID
  • A free account on https://back4app.com

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