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Amazon Affiliate Plugin – Amaplug

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Amaplug is a great WordPress plugin whitch lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your posts, pages or widgets. It use the official Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money with every sale that comes about your site.

The usage is very simply. First configure the connection settings and then paste your Amaplug shortcode – thats it. You can display single products or bestseller lists with Amaplug. You can search (and show) products with specific category, browse node id or a simple keyword.

Since the initial release we have added several features (take a look at the list below). One really great feature is the dynamic templates. You can create/customize your own template to display products direct from WordPress admin. That means we allow you to use custom templates using basic HTML and CSS only :)

Feature Summary

  • Support this Amazon networks: de|com|co.uk|ca|fr|co.jp|it|cn|es|in|com.br|com.mx
  • Different shortcodes for displaying bestseller lists or single products
  • NEW: 4 different link-formats for outgoing Amazon-Links: normal link (1 day cookie), short link (1 day cookie) and All Offers Table (1 day cookie) and cart link (90 days cookie)
  • NEW: Product pop up solution – if a user hover a “textlink” a product pop up will show
  • NEW: Extend the TinyMCE Editor to generate shortcodes ? easier than ever
  • The data that our plugin shows is completly in order with Amazon terms of service
  • Every product link will include your tracking id to receive sale commissions
  • Available languages are german and english (custom translation possible)
  • Custom fields available – get additional data und use it in templates
  • Shows current price, sale (if available), star ratings and many more
  • Create your own templates – using basic HTML and CSS only
  • 4 different styles (silver, light and dark yellow, textlink) included
  • Supports now WooCommerce External/Affiliate product – currently no variations
  • Automatic updates via your WordPress dashboard supported
  • Shipping availability – display info about product is available
  • Compatible with any WordPress / Woocommerce Theme
  • Get the Amazon reviews for each product and display them
  • Easy configuration. No expert knowledge needed!
  • Premium support directly from developer
  • Tested up to WordPress latest version
  • Clean configuration (admin) panel
  • Clean code – well documentated
  • Full responsive functionality
  • Unlimited products
  • Lightbox

Small video tutorials

Create new template and use translations (Since 1.2.1):
WooCommerce External/Affiliate product (Since 1.3.1):

Plugin requirements

Before installing the plugin, please check that the following conditions are met:

  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0.3 or greater
  • WordPress 3.4 or greater (tested up to 4.5)
  • PHP curl enabled and/or PHP fopen enabled and/or SOAP enabled


Redux Framework – https://reduxframework.com/
Container Queries Prolyfill – https://github.com/ausi/cq-prolyfill
Amazon ECS PHP Library – https://github.com/Exeu/Amazon-ECS-PHP-Library
Plugin Updater Class – http://autohosted.com/
ungrid – https://github.com/chrisnager/ungrid
Smarty – http://www.smarty.net/
Flag Icons – http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/flags/
CssMin – http://code.google.com/p/cssmin/
Featherlight.js – http://noelboss.github.io/featherlight/
JQuery Tooltip Plugin – http://gdakram.github.com/JQuery-Tooltip-Plugin

Demo / Preview

Our demo with some shortcodes can you finde here: https://preview.amaplug.com/.
We have expand our demo. Now you can test our plugin including mobile devices and different styles. Have fun.

Quick Start

Install, Setup, Usage :) You can use now two kinds of shortcodes – inside posts, pages or something else.

For Single Item you can use:

[amaplug_single keyword="YOUR_ASIN_OR_ISBN"]

For Bestseller List you can use:

[amaplug_bestseller keyword="CATEGORY_OR_NODE_ID_OR_KEYWORD"]

Change Log

2017, Mai, 24 - v 1.4.12
- Fixed: Ratings > 1000 show 0

2016, August, 15 - v 1.4.11 <- Update in process on CC
- Fixed: Missing rating in english language
- Fixed: Using items with bestseller could produce a mistake
- Fixed: Redux could not load extenstions
- Fixed: Some wrong translations were found
- Fixed: Plugin activation ends with a error from taxonomys 
- Added: Some placeholders have been modified (more info on page)
- Added: Option to edit dateformat in frontend (keep in mind it is cached)
- Added: Widget in admin for updates so enter your data (codecanyon username & purchase code)
- Added: Some adjustments before version 1.5 is available
- Added: Small adjustments for the performance on requests

2016, Juni, 09 - v 1.4.1
- Fixed: 1.4.0 css for pop ups missing

2016, Juni, 09 - v 1.4.0
- New Feature: Product Pop Ups
- Fixed: Templates (default) prime logo have missing alt tag
- Fixed: Plugin activation could be failed and shows message to install Redux
- Fixed: Some PHP-Warnings e.g. if no products found
- Fixed: Some language entrys were added/updated
- Changed: Textlink (template) is not longer editable
- Added: 5 "Different" templates for Product Pop Ups now available

2016, April, 18 - v 1.3.23
- Fixed: TinyMCE Editor remove sometimes div on changing between Textmode and TinyMCE Editor
- Changed: Thumbnails in Templates (default) are now linking to lightbox also small Textlink added
- Changed: Some language entries modified
- Changed: Default domain (e.g. for updates) have changed to api.amaplug.com instead amaplug.com
- Added: Ultra slim jQuery lightbox add for templates
- Added: "All Offers Table" are now supported - can selected under "Linkformat" in Amazon section

2016, March, 15 - v 1.3.17
- Fixed: Products seems to be show the wrong price sometimes
- Changed: Amazon shortlinks are moved to "Linkformat" in same section
- Added: Inside amazon section is a option to select "Linkformat" 
- Added: "Cart Link" are now supported - that means 90 days cookie instead 1 day if enabled

2016, March, 13 - v 1.3.13
- Fixed: Changes from 1.3.2 dont have update templates
- Fixed: Edit/delete/added templates does show status messages with post instead template
- Fixed: Edit/delete/added translation does show status messages with post instead translation
- Changed: Templates (default) are not longer erasable - info appears "Managed Amaplug Template" 
- Changed: Templates (default) are not longer editable - info appears "Managed Amaplug Template" 
- Changed: Placeholder DETAILPAGEURL will not longer be urldecoded
- Added: Inside amazon section is a option to enable or disable amazon shortlinks
- Added: New placeholer PRIMEURL was added
- Added: Duplicate quicklink for templates
- Added: Templates (default) now also display prime notifications in frontend
- Added: New Template (default) - simple Textlink

2016, March, 07 - v 1.3.2
- Fixed: Issue in documentation - wrong number for 1.3.1
- Changed: Templates (default) links to Amazon will now have target="_blank" 

2016, February, 28 - v 1.3.1
- New Feature: Support for WooCommerce External/Affiliate product
- Fixed: Custom themes could break layout of product boxes
- Fixed: Media querys are optimized for better mobile display
- Fixed: Editing templates dont show current line - also the selection of words was not marked
- Fixed: Translation of Amaplug admin doesn't show other translated languages
- Fixed: Changing images to ssl cound get a warning url changed now
- Fixed: Wrong combination of Amazon network and Associates ID could break the frontpage
- Fixed: Changing Amazon network in options don't have effects if location isn't set in shortcode
- Fixed: Missing product picture on variation products - now we show the first from image set
- Changed: Default domain (e.g. for updates) have changed to amaplug.com instead amaplug.de
- Changed: Templates (default) will use now the new placeholders
- Changed: Product descriptions use new routine
- Added: The documentation does now include (and describe) a list of placeholders to use
- Added: TinyMCE Editor does now include a button (called Amaplug) to generate shortcodes
- Added: Public base css (for base configuration also media query) are switch to less
- Added: Optinal item wrapper to display items in best format

2016, January, 28 - v 1.2.1
- Fixed: The time of last update in footer was showing current timestamp instead last update
- Fixed: CSS from Templates would be create each time page loads
- Fixed: Edit existing posts (in combination with yoast seo) will destroy the jquery on that page
- Fixed: After remove plugin complete there were still two options in database
- Changed: Templates (default) links to Amazon will now have rel="nofollow" 
- Changed: Update interval has now a default value of 300 seconds
- Changed: Each post|page with a shortcode from this plugin will now run a cron immediately after publish or update - this shoud be improve pageload on preview
- Changed: Language files (inc. *.pot) were updated with some new entrys
- Added: Inside plugin section is a option to enable or disable the minify of dynamic CSS
- Added: Inside plugin section is a option to enable or disable the product refresh via wp-cron

2016, January, 23 - v 1.2.0
- New Feature: Translation (Custom Post Type)
- New Feature: Templates (Custom Post Type)
- Added: Complete the list of Amazon networks
- Added: For each network you can now setup a Associate ID
- Added: Inside templates you can now access the placeholders better than before
- Added: Status section for plugin health (check requirements whith can cause a error ...)
- Added: Plugin section - import/export configuration, plugin update check ...
- Added: More info about Fields section inside the documentation
- Fixed: Setting the location tag in shortcodes have no effect
- Fixed: Using the same {if} statement in templates the second will not be found
- Fixed: Using non existing style in shortcode indicates an error on frontpage
- Changed: Option for Plugin update check is now in Plugin section
- Removed: Old product template files inside /pages/
- Removed: Old css product template files inside /css/
- Removed: The Tracking ID on settings section
- Removed: Translation into *.pot from product templates

2016, January, 12 - v 1.0.0
- Initial release

Click To Download Here

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