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" New Technology Gets Up To 10x MORE Traffic, Generates Social VIRAL Traffic, & Builds A Responsive List FAST All At The Same Time "

You know it does not matter what you’re selling, what kind of great training you’re offering, or if you have the most amazing product in the world. If no one knows about you it does not mean a thing! To put it another way, if your site is not getting traffic…

Sounds simple right? Get other people post back links all over the internet. Get other people do social sharing and make videos with links. Basically get other people, dozens of them, hundreds of them even, to do all of the work for you.

Back to the story..so one day it just hit me. It was one of those ‘light bulb’ moments where what I needed to do suddenly became clear. I needed a way to motivate a lot of people to do all the back linking and social sharing for my site that I did not want to do, but I did not want to pay ALL of them. Well what if I just paid ONE of them? What if I made it a contest? What if I gave people extra chances to win for every visitor they sent to my site? Everyone would get a chance to win, but those that really shared, that made a lot of back links and posts, and that sent me a lot of traffic would be more likely to win.

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If you…

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