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Here it is… In Plain & Simple English… I am about to hand you a great opportunity on a silver platter. If you understand how wholesale supply works, then you will realize that today is your lucky day

Are you locked out of making any real money selling games online? Have you realized that drop-shipping companies make money off your subscriptions AND your purchases? Have you purchased items “wholesale” and seen them selling for less than you paid for them on eBay?

Hi, I’m Nathan Klein, and for the last three years I’ve made one hell of a fine living selling videogames and hardware including Wii Games, PS3 games, Xbox 360 games, and gaming products from every major supplier in the video game industry. I keep my profit margins high and my prices lower than my competition. I’ve cracked the code to find the real bulk suppliers and I’m willing to share this highly gaurded information with you. I “stumbled” on this goldmine when I was a grunt working at a major retail store, Let’s just call it "Best B". That’s why they call me the Retail Store Bandit.

You’ve seen the drop ship companies promising you that all you have to do is put their products on eBay and sit back and reap the profits.

If that was true, everyone with a credit card would be rich. What these companies really do is set up buy deals with wholesale distributors based upon a promise to buy a large amount of goods within a certain time frame to secure a low price.

They use YOUR money to meet their obligation to the wholesale house. What do you think those membership fees are for? On top of that, they mark up the product they sell YOU and make a profit on…

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