Swinging for the Fences

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“18-Year Options Trading Veteran BLOWS AWAY the Myths, Misconceptions, Miscommunications… and Outright Lies About This Formerly ‘Forbidden’ Method to Trade Options!”

Easy gains of 107%, 203%, 568%, 951%… even occasional overnight cash windfalls of 2,200% and more are possible with the strategy that most “experts” won’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

But this former market maker and hedge fund manager “cut his teeth” using this strategy… and banked multi-millions of dollars after he discovered how to find certain “windows of opportunity” – totally mispriced options that can make you quick $2,900 on a $100 trade… almost like clockwork. 

And now… for the first time ever… he’s revealed his secret, high-powered strategies to us “average” retail traders.

Read on to see how he “swings for the fences” to score monster option trades… and how you can too…

Most so-called “professional” options traders would never even consider trading options this way.

“The odds are totally against you… there’s no possible way this strategy can work!” they shout.

“You might as well play the Powerball Lottery! Your chances of making money using this method is about as good!” they grouse.

So what is this despised, pariah method of options trading that most trading “gurus” won’t touch with a 10-foot pole? It’s…

For example, let’s say stock ABC is selling in January for $30. You might be able to buy a February OTM $33 call on ABC for a mere 30 cents! 

That would mean that the stock would have to move up 10% ($3 on a $30 stock) for you to merely break even!

So why are OTM options so cheap? Simple. It’s because the odds of OTM options making money for you are slim to none.

But what…

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