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Are you in a time-consuming job? Would flexible hours, earning extra income that could lead to full-time income, make your life better?

There were moments where I felt right on the edge and really questioning how this was actually going to work long term.

When your life is no longer your own and you’ll make whatever sacrifice to help support your family, you know you’re a mom and a good one.

But day after day of hustling the kids to daycare or school, endless frustrating commutes, a pretty good day job although overworked and underpaid, left me exhausted and asking myself this question:

You want your kids to have the best things in life. You only have one chance to get it right before they are growing up and finding their own way in life.

So be a little daring. In this day and age of the female entrepreneur, anything is possible and the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.

The pay is usually lower, there is outside childcare to think about, and when you come dragging home in the evening your main job just begins-running the household, feeding and bathing the kids and getting them off to bed.

With all the online promises of easy money and little or no effort creating a business-and we know that can’t be true-where do you start? Who do you trust? What if you fail?

And, when this phase was over, I was looking at going back to a corporate job and handing the kids off to childcare until school started.

So I hoped for the same thing you dream of right now. A flexible way to make extra money that would let me both be a mom and have some adult time, too.


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