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Welcome to our organisation. You are about to find out how you can make a lot of money collecting scrap metal. The scrap metal industry in the UK enjoys £10 billion worth of turnover annually and it is surprisingly easy to get involved and start earning a piece of that. Depending on the amount of spare time you have, you can either get involved on a part time or a full time basis.

At the lower end of the scale, if you got involved in your spare time, you could earn around £30 a day. That’s £210 a week, £900 a month or £10,800 a year (you can see how you can do this in case study 1 below).

The figures you will achieve will be based on how much time and effort you want to put in – feel free to check out these case studies:

A key attraction to this industry is that you do not need to pass any exams to begin. You do not need to go to an interview. You do not need to report to anyone (or have anyone reporting to you) and can choose to work when and how you want. In short, you are working for yourself – a great position to be in. It can also be a very interesting industry to be in – finding the best sources of scrap metal, trying new ideas and seeing how much money you can make from different types of metal.

Another key attraction is that you don’t need much to begin. As a minimum you would need some way of transporting your collections. If you are starting at the lower end of the scale, a bike would suffice. At the higher end of the scale you would likely find a van useful. You…

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