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“Excellent… dedicated especially to the PRINCE2 project management methodology practitioners, but not only to them. The author provides a great framework as support… very detailed explanatory text and template’s are comprehensive and easy to be followed, respectively to be filled up… Strongly recommended with five stars to all PRINCE2 project managers who really would like to manage a project…”

“This is a great… for Project Management. It gives you a step-by-step process on how to use and enter the data into the templates. In all the years as a project manager, I have never seem anything like this book. Not even the PMBOK ver 5. This book will walk thru a beginner and brush up for anyone ready to manage a project small, medium or large. It gives you questions so you know what information is entered into the correct templates. I highly recommend this book to others. It is easy to understand.”

“Its a very useful and applicable Methodology, containing the professional comprehensive approach. It can help decision makers to starting a project. It handle all necessary aspects that should be taken into consideration at this stage. It gathers all templates providing all in one package. I highly recommend this collection for everybody working in this area. I will recommend to all people who start to be involved in this professional area in order to shorten the learning process with understanding the essential scope of this book. I highly recommend to my daughter, who studies the topic on university without focusing on practical knowledges and assistances. ”

Istvan Sipos, beginners & professionals… more efficient to start a project in a professional way.

“James makes it east to focus on delivering results by providing easy to use tools and templates. While documentation is a key component of Project Management…

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