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Plan Any Event With This Simple Event Toolkit

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Although I loved what I was doing, Event Planning wasn’t paying the bills and something had to give…

In 2004 I decided to take a chance and start my very own Event Planning business. I wanted complete freedom from the 9 to 5 grind, and I wanted complete control of my own success.

Knowing what I know now, I hate to admit it but I considered spending 2 years and nearly $4000 in tuition to get my dream job. Then I found out it wouldn’t help me in the industry. I was crushed and unsure what to do next.

The Event Toolkit has allowed me to work with internationally recognized brands, celebrities, professional athletes AND be profitable.

One of the first events I planned involved working with a few TV celebrities and an International TV channel. Wow, was I excited!

A PROVEN System that shares industry secrets that TOP event planners use, but aren’t willing to share because they’re either too busy or they don’t want anyone using these secrets to compete against them.

Within a week of putting The Event Toolkit into place I landed my biggest client and my friends and family noticed I was happier and more fulfilled.

What’s important is that even though I had a line up of people asking me to plan their events, I also had people asking my business advice too.

I give people my event planning checklist that doesn’t overlook any detail, the event planning budget so you and your clients always know the bottom line (your clients will appreciate this!), industry tips and tricks, the event planning pricing strategy, and 31 places to advertise your events or business.

Whether you’re brand new to event planning or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen…

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