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I’ll show you how to set up your portfolio so that no matter how much the market crashes, you don’t lose a dime. And you don’t have to run into money-market funds, inverse ETFs or anything like that.

I call it my Instant Recovery Crash Insurance Trade. If you had it set up in your portfolio in 2008, you didn’t lose a penny in the financial crisis.

I will send you a personal email with this simple, powerful way to set up a crash insurance trade on your portfolio so that when the market collapses, you DON’T LOSE MONEY.

This alone is worth the investment in your Crash Trader Private Mentorship service. Without it, you’re at risk of getting wiped out as this market comes tumbling down.

Plus, I’ll show you how I’m generating 100% gains (Yes, DOUBLING MY MONEY) on almost a WEEKLY basis in 2016!

You’ll learn how to sell put and call options to “gamblers” and make huge profits every week, without having your portfolio sitting on “toxic” equities that may crash at any moment.

Then you’ll want to invest an hour every other week to stay up to speed on this unfolding disaster by attending the webinars.

You’ll get two trade alerts every Monday morning – delivered straight to your email inbox and/or mobile device!

The first alert is an Income Trade, which aims to make 100% gain over 2 weeks selling puts and calls to option buyers. I’m only using 2-5% of my portfolio every week to generate substantial gains while keeping the bulk of my portfolio in CASH. When an imminent selloff is expected, CASH is the easiest way to protect against a crash.

The second alert is Protect Trade…

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