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I spent over $5,000 last year on accountants, advisors, lawyers, and financial planners. None of them explained as clearly as you did the value of a corporation, and the specific tax advantages (in dollars) of forming one. I recommend this book to anyone operating as a sole-proprietor. After reading it, you’ll understand how to save several thousand dollars a year minimum on your taxes, and you’ll discover how to protect yourself from audits and lawsuits.

And what can you do to protect yourself from the onslaught of frivolous, time-consuming and potentially business-ending lawsuits that clutter our court systems today?

And now you’re back where you started, wondering (again), "Is it worth it? Are the advantages of incorporating really worth it?"

Or maybe you have incorporated your small business but are wondering, "Did I make the right choice of entity?" (In case you didn’t know, there are 3 (yup, three) different types of corporations, and each one is taxed very differently!)

So even if you already formed a corporation, how do you know you picked the one that enables you to pay the least amount of tax?

You begin by focusing on the one small business tax reduction strategy that stands head and shoulders above all the rest: Incorporate your small business.

That’s why I’ve written a new ebook all about the benefits of incorporating. It’s called:

Yes, not all corporations are created equal! There are 3 entities that provide limited liability. Which one should you be?

4. How to use a corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by 40% or more. Sole Proprietors and Partnerships often pay twice as much employment taxes as Corporation owners. After reading my ebook, you’ll know how to use a corporation to legally reduce your employment taxes by thousands — each…

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