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How to Find, Buy, Sell, Flip & Farm Real Estate in Probate & OFF MARKET

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BEAT THE COMPEITITON – Contact with the PR early creates an advantage above other Agents or Investors. If you’re in the Real Estate business as a Licensed Realtor and NOT WORKING the PROBATES in your local county, YOU ARE LEAVING DEALS ON THE TABLE. And yes, for you Investors who Flip, Hold or both, if you’re not working the Probate Homes in your local area, you too are leaving deals on the table. Finding a home in probate on the MLS is TOO LATE. And usually ends up there beause the PR has a relationship with a real estate agent. You will run into this along the course of working probates, with the Diamond Farming Probate Real Estate system, you’ll learn how to put yourself in an opportunity to earn business EVEN WHEN there’s competition. Created by Probate expert Gary DiGrazia Sr, the "DF" Probate System is FOR AGENTS & INVESTORS explained step by step with a downloadable PDF manual laying out every move Gary D makes from Lead to Closed Escrow. Example…Where the "Leads" are found and generated. You can know how to do this in just a few hours from now, if you take action. You’ll have leads of homes in probate in your local area and you’ll learn how to contact them. Every month, in the few counties the Gary "D" Team and his Probate Business operate, over 150 homes in probate, off the market and most planning to sell are contacted by our team. I don’t know how many are in your area but How many do you need to have a "Good Month" of business? The Supply is there and this is happening in your area rather you are servicing the demand or not, the supply is there. The DF Probate System is a proven Lead…

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