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Welcome!Have you been searching for a great home based business that is a 100% REAL business that offers 100% REAL value to people around the world? A lot of work at home businesses today are built around hype and ultimately pushing someone else’s brand of products or services. I would like to share with you a program that teaches you exactly how to build your very own brand of products in an industry that has amassed over $32 billion in the last year and is expected to balloon to $60 billion by the year 2020. In 2013 I found myself looking to add an additional income stream to my life through the internet. I truly beleived that there were real ways to make good money online (I now have proof that is 100% true) and if I worked hard and researched enough that I would find these hidden pathways. After months and months of GOOGLE searches I found tons of programs that were either too expensive to join or required too much of my time. I needed something that I could fit around my family and other commitments in my life. I even joined a couple of affordable programs but there was so much information that I pretty much ended up lost in the sauce and that money went down the drain. I then started to think I was asking for too much, I wanted a business that I could run from my home, did not require a bunch of my time, very low startup costs, and the business had to provide great value to people. Feeling almost defeated, I kept the search alive. During those long Google searches I began to notice that I always saw Health and wellness ads plastered all over the internet. This led me…

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