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That’s when my search began for a better way. I bet I’ve sent for every money-making plan and scheme advertised anywhere! I know from experience that there are few money-making plans that really work. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the right one. After reading these "Fabulous Money-Making Plans", I realized that most people who write the books never really do the plans themselves. They make their fortunes by selling us the books!! If their plan is so good – Then why aren’t they doing it themselves?

In fact – entrepreneurs have been doing this sort of business for so many years and "Making A Killing" at it that few people know about it. The plain truth is, these entrepreneurs are quieting making tons of money. And people who use their eyes and ears will also quietly become wealthy in a very short period of time working my program.

And what about our social security system? What about it! Don’t hold your breath now! It’s basically bankrupt. Will there be enough money in it by the time you reach retirement (if you make it) to keep you above poverty level? Look at the S&L’s going under! Foreclosures everywhere! Fallout on Wall Street! What’s that telling you? I’ll tell you. It’s everyone for themselves, that’s what! Wake up! No one is going to take care of you. You must take care of yourself and your family – NOW!

Still Not Sure? Here’s My 100%, Walk Away, "No Hard Feelings," No Fuss, Full Money Back Guarantee! I’m so convinced that you’ll be absolutely delighted with your product that I’m prepared to give you an iron-clad, 90-day, "Take-It-Or-Leave-It," totally outrageous GUARANTEE. This "impossible-to-turn-it-down" guarantee is simple: Try "Striking…

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