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Learn the 7-XFactors of Real Estate & see how this knowledge can literally help you close your first or next deal sooner than you even think possible!

Gain access to the most effective real estate investing strategies being used today from one of the most successful house flippers in the country, and how to apply and adapt these techniques to your specific market area!

Pull the curtain back on all the so called gurus’ “top secrets” on how they actually make money in the real estate investing market and why they’d give an arm and a leg just to keep you from finding out about these “secrets”

I am a real estate investor, a business owner, an entrepreneur, author and speaker.  I have rehabbed and flipped hundreds of homes to date and I currently own a portfolio of rental properties worth millions and I started my business while living in an apartment and no cash to my name.

I used to be a police officer without so much as a cent to my name. To provide for my family I had to do odd jobs and whatever it took, and I even used to work on Dishwashing machines just to make ends meet. No matter how hard I worked though, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere, and worse, I was dragging my family down along with me. I turned to real estate investing at a time that I was at my wit’s end. In fact, I was so desperate then, I actually purchased my first investment property using a credit card!  Fortunately, my efforts paid off and now here I am.

My vast experience flipping houses & purchasing rental properties of all shapes and sizes has led me to discover the Fundamental 7-XFactors of Real Estate. I don…

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