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eBook – Banking in Australia

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So, here we are- our last destination, all excited about our future and eager to discover this beautiful country- Down Under!! That feeling lasted for about…12 hours, because real life kicked in and all that came with it.

So, first stop: bank! We did paperwork, but a detailed explanation about an account was referred to us by “look at our website”. Great! …until you actually go to their website and become perfectly overloaded with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you would EVER need in your ENTIRE lifetime… Oh, and did I mention 100-point check list that requires you to have a paper from a bank stating validity of your residential address before you are issued driver’s licence!!!

Long story short, after everything was said and done and all processes were finally finished, my wife and I sat down and said: “Wished there was one book that would have given us all this info or at least a glimpse of what to expect PRIOR to coming to AU so we don’t have to go around for months trying to “reinvent the wheel”. Just tell us:

Hence, we continued our journey through heaps of paperwork and hours and hours of international phone calls to find out how to transfer money safely and affordably (no consultation fees). Sounds familiar, right?

Of course, besides extensive phone bills and hours we put in reading fine prints of documents that financial advisors were giving us, the global economy crises were not helping at all which means I needed to be able to protect my hard-earned assets.

No!!! Actually it is expected from a person to ask these types of questions and receive required answers.

So, here it is… The book that will save you time and money, and most importantly help you…

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