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Direct Referrals are people who join to a Paid to Click website, using your referral link. They are considered your Direct Referral for life.

They can potentially earn you a certain amount of money for every click on any available PTC advertisements, offers, surveys, tasks, purchased advertisements or when they upgrade their account.

The amount you earn will be predetermined by the PTC website itself. There are millions of people who click at PTC websites and more people are joining daily.

In my e-book, you will learn EVERY thing I know about recruiting Direct Referrals, and more. Learn how to get your PTC website referral links in front of people and get them to sign up.

You will always have access to me personally when and if you have any questions before and after you purchase this guide.

I spent a lot of time filling it with a ton of information I gained over the past 2 years of working with PTC websites and helping others recruit DR to their favorite PTC websites.

I have spent the time and money trying what works and what does not and I have narrowed it down to 15 potential ways to use. I highly recommend the first 6 ways I recommend for best results.

I only recommend a few PTC websites, but I do recommend a lot of other great free and paid services you can use to recruit Direct Referrals as well.

It does not matter if you are a complete newbie to PTC websites, or an expert. This guide will help you by providing you with 2 years of knowledge of what works and what does not into one e-book.

You will have access to a Top 10 PTC page as well as access to me personally after you…

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