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BTM+C – Architectural Fee Proposals, contracts and negotiation

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Video Tutorials Episode 01 – Introduction Episode 02 – Client Background Checks (Part 1 of 2) Episode 03 – The Architect’s Fees Episode 04 – Design Fee Proposals Episode 05 – Client Architect Agreements Episode 06 – Construction Costs for Architects Episode 07 – Architectural / Design Fee Negotiations Episode 08 – Pricing Strategies for Architects’ Fee Episode 09 – Know Your Client, Manage Your Risk Episode 10 – Joint Venture, Sub-consultant + Partnership Agreements Episode 11 – Calculating Resource-Based Design Fees Episode 12 – Architect Fee Wars Episode 13 – Introduction to Non-Disclosure Agreements Episode 14 – Successful Marketing for a Small Practice Episode 15 – Principles of CPM Construction Schedules Episode 16 – Architectural Fee Proposal Checklist

eGuides The Architects’ Guide to Pricing Design Services The Architects’ Guide to Negotiating Design Fees The Architects Guide to Writing Effective Fee Proposals The Architects’ Guide to Fees + Contracts The Architects’ Guide to Design Fee Psychology The Architects’ Guide to Salary Negotiations

Templates Fee Proposal Template: Multiple Fee Options Format Fee Proposal Template: Standard Fee Format Fee Proposal Template: Small Works Format Fee Proposal Template: Royalty Fee Format Agreement Template: Non-Disclosure Agreement Template: Sub-Consultant Agreement Template: Joint-Venture

Consulting Fee Proposal Review Services Fee Proposal Writing Services Negotiation Review Services Monthly Maintenance Plans

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