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Increase your selling skills 52% by focusing on one topic per week and improving that skill 4%. Each lesson is like a powerful coaching session that will make you unstoppable!

Copywriting: Market Your Sizzle Using a Big Outrageous Shocking Positive WOW! How to appeal to today’s new consumer with sales and marketing techniques that will make them lean forward and say "I’m interested, tell me more, I’m ready to buy!’

This program will give you the most aggressive, powerful and effective information available for increasing your sales and improving your attitude FAST .

150 highly successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs share their reason for choosing a their career and how they stay motivated once the initial enthusiasm fades away.

Managing a team of individuals is not easy, and certain skills make some managers better than others. As with most business skills, you can learn, practice, and improve the traits of good managers. You can always find room for improvement, and good managers are the first to admit it.

364 page PDF file. The manual will take you step-by-step and story-by-story through the entire selling process. That’s right – STORIES! The author of this manual knew how to make the emotional connection with the reader and motivate them to use the techniques. It’s like watching a great movie that stays with you for weeks – only this movie increases your sales!

People who think they are in business to make something, deliver something, or fix something soon find out that if no one buys their products or services they have no business! Once you start to implement these techniques sales will come automatically. In 21 days you will look at sales from a completely new point of view. 21 PDF files and 21 MP3 files.

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