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What if you could take just the very best bits of someone’s knowledge, someone’s experience, someone’s WINS… remove all of the mistakes and just show the successes. 

And I’m sure you would too… If it saved you months if not YEARS of hard word, testing, finding out what doesn’t work… only to focus on what DOES work! Why not just cut to the chase and find out what’s working, copy that, and get results. 

It’s like learning to play golf, learning to drive a supercar on a racetrack, learning to do pretty much anything really… 

We could all TRY it. Give it a go. Learn from our mistakes. We might lose a lot of golf balls and maybe give up. We might crash a few supercars, or hurt ourselves badly, but with each mistake we would learn. We would grow and develop. 

Life is short. Why waste time… Why not just jump to the good stuff. Get a golf coach, jump in the car with a driving instructor… and pretty much every other analogy you can think of… LEARN from someone that has been there and done it already… And with this in mind, let me introduce myself.

And the reason for me shooting this video and writing this letter for you today is to let you know that I’ve made SO MANY mistakes over the last 10 years or so. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s why you need to follow ONLY people that are who you want to be, have what you want to have, and do the things that you want to do. 

You’ve probably done this yourself as well. You’ve been taken in by the marketing or maybe purely out of frustration or even…

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