How to Promote Music – Get Found, Get Heard, Right Now, Using the Blueprint to Getting Heard

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ATTENTION: This is the new music business. It’s now your music industry. It’s time you realized that you’re the new boss.

The Blueprint to Getting Heard will show you simply, step-by-step, how to promote music the right way by creating an online presence that literally can’t help being found AND heard.

Once you download The Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard, inside you’ll see an impressive real world song promotion test of the simple steps in the Blueprint music and band promotion methods.

I’m about to SEPARATELY release the remarkable EDITION 2.0 of the Blueprint – ("The Rapid Fan-Building Method") But today, you’ll be getting BOTH Edition 1.0 ("The Organic Fan-Building Method") AND Edition 2.0 – "The Rapid-Fan-Building Method"

The Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard Edition 1.0 leads new listeners to your songs organically. The Organic method is about putting your uploaded songs and music sites right in front of listeners who are actively looking for music like yours.

It’s called The Getting Heard GOLD LIST and you will get it free today with your download of The Blueprint to Getting Heard.

How to effectively create and build your online presence so it is found by thousands of listeners searching for new music

How to "stand up and stand out" from 99% of other indie musician online music promotions – even if you’ve never promoted music online before

Watch a real music promotion using The Blueprint method and then copy it to get your own music heard

How to put the 4 Pillars of promoting music into place – 1. Make, 2. Market, 3. Get Heard, 4. Create Buzz

A list of hundreds of secret phrases that will lead thousands of new listeners to your online music (The GOLD LIST)

You won’t have to be…

A Special Limited Deal For You.
Buy Now How to Promote Music – Get Found, Get Heard, Right Now, Using the Blueprint to Getting Heard at a special discount price today - submit the offer form below and it will be shipped to you as soon as possible. It's a deal. Fill the form below NOW. LIMITED OFFER. A trial will convince you.
NB: The product must be available and on sale at store and not on a 3rd party site.

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