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"Forget about using useless note learning methods that don’t work and improve your guitar playing by learning to find any note on your guitar INSTANTLY…with eleven easy and simple steps to Guitar Note Mastery"

"…one of the simplest and most useful educational tools that I have purchased on the internet."

"You wouldn’t think that knowing every single note on the fretboard would make that much difference to your playing, but you would be wrong. All those scale and chord shapes that you already know suddenly seem to make sense when you intuitively understand where to place them. It doesn’t matter what key – it’s just so much easier. Craig’s ebook is one of the best ways to gain this vital knowledge and I can honestly say that it has been one of the simplest and most useful educational tools that I have purchased on the internet. Don’t think twice, buy it!"

"After a few weeks following the exercises in Guitar Note Mastery I have no problem now at all with remembering any notes up to the 12th fret.I have no trouble playing the same notes in different positions up and down the fretboard.If the instructions are followed as layed down I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t improve their knowledge drastically.I did and I don’t think I’m much of a musician at all but really enjoy playing."

"Guitar Note Mastery is a logical and structured way to learn every note on the neck! I think this knowledge will help guitar players at any level. For me, really learning the fretboard helped me quickly find the individual notes, but also to learn the musical intervals and chord inversions because I "built it in" with my study of the fretboard. Music Theory becomes real when you understand the fretboard."


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