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If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on post processing and get amazing results with your photos, Lightroom presets can be the answer. Here at Preset Kingdom we offer all of our presets in one collection that will allow you to create a wide range of effects very easily. The bundle includes 14 different packs of presets and a total of 300 presets that will totally change your work in Lightroom. These presets can be used in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, or CC and on a Mac or a PC.

When you purchase this bundle you will get access (usually immediately, the email may take up to 30 minutes to arrive) to download all 14 of the preset packs shown above. In total you will get 300 presets that will help you to create just about any look or effect you could need. In order to use the presets you will need either Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, or Lightroom CC. Installation instructions are provided in the download.

To make the deal even better, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Try our presets and if you’re not satisfied we’ll give your money back.

With this purchase you’ll get all 300 Lightroom presets and the right to use them on personal or commercial photos for as long as you would like.

How do I install the Lightroom presets? The download file includes a link to the instructions, which can be found here.

Can I install the presets on two different computers? Yes, you can install the presets on multiple computers if it is for your own use.

Can I use the presets with commercial photos? Yes. The presets can be used on photos that will be sold as prints, sold digitally…

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