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A Guide to Mixing Programmed Drums — AcleKahney.com

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If you’re looking to improve the sound of your programmed drums in a mix, you’ve come to the right place! Acle Kahney, from the band TesseracT, has over 12 years worth of experience in production and programming drums. We’ve put together a 50 minute video tutorial and a document going through various elements of a drum mix when using programmed drums. Endorsed by both Toontrack and Slate Digital (two of the biggest drum sample companies out there), the video tutorial will give you an insight into the techniques Acle uses.

While the processes primarily suit rock & metal drum mixes they can also be applied to other genres.

(Note the volume is low due to the way I have my gain structure setup, so you will need to crank your speakers slightly for the video.)

This tutorial aims to give you an insight into how Acle approaches mixing programmed drums (using Toontrack’s Superior Prog EZX and Slate Trigger 2). Using processes to create a sense of impact and excitement while trying to ensure there is an element of naturalness and smoothness. A big part of the tutorial revolves around using layers to reinforce the drum sound.

While some of the techniques are quite subjective to the material, the principles remain the same and can be used in all kinds of applications.

Some of the plugins used during the video include Waves C1 Gate, Waves API – 2500, Waves De-Esser, Softube Transient Designer, UAD Littlelabs VOG, SPL Vitalizer, EOS Audiodamage Reverb, UBK Clariphonic and Fab Filter Pro Q-2. Again even if you don’t have access to these plugins, the principle remains the same and can be applied to similar plugins.

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